A Persona 4 Golden Modder Is Bringing Light to the World By Letting You Date Yosuke

As per the plan, you meet up with the team after school. Going by the previous pattern, you agree that Kanji must already be inside the other world. Yukiko wonders what the Midnight Channel really is. The group discusses the origins of the Midnight Channel rumor and begins to worry that the rumor might spread with all of the kidnapped shows appearing at night. Yukiko wonders if the killer is watching the TV, too. Chie gets really frustrated and angry and vows to catch and kill the killer. Teddie can tell someone’s in the TV World, but he can’t pinpoint Kanji and he seems distraught. Teddie thinks that if you can give him a clue– something to set him on the scent — he feels confident that he can find Kanji for you. The game tells you to ask around town about Kanji. As the game told you, Teddie will need some clues about Kanji in order to locate him within the TV World.

Persona 4 | Kanji, Naoto, and what they mean

Hell, the Persona 4 cast even makes the Persona 3 cast likable by association in Persona Q , to the extent that I was almost motivated to pick the third game up again for a bit. My point there, and I do have one, is that the Persona 4 cast is pretty likable, which is due in a lot of respects to the fact that they simply get along better than, again, their Persona 3 counterparts, and seem like more likable people as a result.

While the Persona 3 cast comes across as a group of people who end up working together because they have to and eventually decides to be okay with this, the Persona 4 cast feels more like they embrace their misfit status and thrive in this environment. The game makes an effort to give everyone reasonable motivations for their actions, both on a base level which you learn through the main plot and in an advanced, in-depth sense which you learn through their Social Links , so that you can really get to know everyone if you wish.

Kanji Tatsumi is a playable character from Persona 4. Date of Birth At the beginning of Persona 4, Kanji has no known friends, and people in Inaba, police​.

Part of the reason why Persona 4 became so popular was is its integration of RPG elements mixed with a social game. Players assume the role of Yu who is a student by day and an otherworldly warrior at night. It sounds weird, but it came together terrifically well. Of course this can all be thanked to its predecessor, Persona 3 , which first adapted these elements into the series. There is also the fact that the PS Vita was in desperate need of software and the re-release, Persona 4: Golden , came out at just the right time.

The series keeps getting more popular too. Joker from Persona 5 is in Super Smash Bros.

Kanji Tatsumi

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Add a spark to your relationship with Kanji in Persona 4 Golden by Once you reach that date, you’ll need to speak to a random girl on the.

When Persona 4 hit the PC on June 14, the mod scene didn’t waste any time getting to work. One mod that’s currently in the works will allow players to date the main character’s best friend, Yosuke, when it’s finished. You can’t date members of the same sex in Persona 4 Golden, plus some of the characters—Yosuke especially—are fonts of gay “jokes” and gay panic. It really brings down an otherwise top-tier RPG experience.

Hopefully, the Yosuke Romance mod by “MadMax” will help alleviate those issues, if not delete them entirely. The mod already shows some promise: The available footage shows only a few lines of dialogue and some vocal repetition, which MadMax says has already been cleaned up , and they seem to fit Yosuke’s character.

Something Editor-in-Chief Kat Bailey and I have discussed more than once on the Axe of the Blood God podcast is how Persona 4 Golden’s lack of a same-sex dating option is disappointing, as is Yosuke’s homophobia being played for laughs. This mod might kill two Teddies with one stone.

Persona 4 Accused of Being Anti-Gay in Gamespot article

This guide will give the player all the correct answers from June to July. In the classroom throughout the year, the player will be barraged with questions that the player likely won’t know the answers to. These questions have typically nothing to do with the actual game and considering the classroom is only the question and answer section, the player won’t have a lesson or lecture to take answers from.

Fortunately, this guide will help players select all the correct answers for the classroom in June and July. If the player correctly answers the questions, they will be rewarded with improvements for their Knowledge social skill. The player is given 5 social skills throughout the game, Courage, Diligence, Understanding, Expression, and Knowledge.

The Persona 4 Comic Dub () Zach Holzman Kanji (Part 4) / Shadow Kanji (Part 4) (voice) (as Apatheria). Erica Mendez. Release Date: 3 April ​.

Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. Facebook VKontakte Google. Kanji was watching one of his favorite TV shows while making what appeared to be a doll it looked like he just began making it. Knowing it could be Naoto, he stuffed the doll under the bed, and opened the door. Time to work on the doll. Kanji started making the eyes when another knock interrupted his work.

Kanji thought he had heard Naoto running, but then Rise knocked once more. Once again, stuffing that poor doll under the bed again, he opened the door.

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After seven years of spin-offs and rereleases, the next numbered title of the Persona series is upon us. And boy, does it look exciting. Perhaps most intriguing is a statement from the director, Katsura Hashino, during one of the earliest interviews for the game. That dark side of society is a central pillar to the game we want to make with Persona 5.

Queerness is Not a Gimmick: A Look at Persona 4’s Failed That’s a thing!), Kanji’s fears stem from being rejected for not conforming to social norms. Persona Q is set around the time of the Group Date Café, and that line.

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. In Persona 4 Golden , the types of relationships you have with other characters matters. Several people throughout the game can form a bond with your character called a Social Link.

These connections will grow with repeated interaction and will unlock more powerful Personas, abilities, and even story details as they level up. Growing Social Links with other characters may be as simple as speaking to them repeatedly throughout the course of the game, while others may require a more detailed approach. The key to growing a Social Link is picking the right responses in character interactions.

Umm.. Can you actually make Kanji your boyfriend?

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I’m dating Kanji, if that makes any difference. Is there anything I can do to fix it besides replaying from the beginning? This has come up before, but when the.

As Winter turns to Spring, your departure from Inaba rapidly approaches. This separation will have a monumental impact on your life and the lives of your friends — but in facing it together, you may find new paths opening in your relationships with them. Hello, i need help. During the 8th of February in the game, when i go fishing it keeps repeating. My bad! I recently stealth-updated day 1 to add a save point, and it looks like I used the pre-patch version to do it that had this problem.

Apply the patch from this post and you should be good. Email me at strangestquiet gmail. Anonymous asked: Have you considered rebuilding the game using renpy or some other established VN engine? Maybe someday if I wake up hating myself with nothing else to do. It would make replaying the game much easier. Not the actual lines from the game, but getting people to voice act for the game.

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This guide for Persona 4 Golden Social Links will allow players to know Speak with Kanji at Learning Building 1F and select “Yes I do” to start the Social Link.

As Shaw notes, the relatively nascent field of video game studies has rarely turned its eye towards the question of queer sexuality and gaming, with a much larger body of work existing on questions of race, the presence of male or female characters, or the omnipresent question of video game violence. The purpose of her project is, in many ways, one of explanation and correction, as Shaw focuses primarily on presence of material rather than analysis of it.

In so doing, I hope to reveal some of the ways in which game theory and queer theory can enter into a discussion with one another that can potentially expand the definition of both fields. Rather than studying purely visual or verbal rhetoric in games, Bogost suggests looking at the way in which games interact ideologically with their players by the encoded controls or rules of the virtual environment.

If this modeling of behavior through gameplay mechanics is a way of constructing and enforcing a particular ideological performance within the game, I am struck by its possible impact on another theoretical field deeply interested in questions of control and ideology. Over the course of the text, Butler undertakes deconstructing the means by which sex and gender are naturalized, in particular through the repetition and performance of gendered concepts.

So what can be done in this borderland of control, performance, and repetition between game theory and queer theory? If the flesh is bound to a series of constraints—geographical location, bodily appearance, and so forth—the potential of a new realm of experiences that can exceed the limits of the body holds a very notable appeal. This question of what advantages digital realms provide to the body has become a core focus of game theory as well, materialized more concretely in the form of the digital avatar.

The Earth is very nice, but there are experiences we can imagine in our minds that we cannot have here. We cannot switch from male to female and back again; we cannot become fat or thin as we wish…People entering a synthetic world can have, in principle, any kind of body they desire. At a stroke, this feature of synthetic worlds removes from the social calculus all the unfortunate effects that derive from the body.

Kanji Tatsumi: A Look at Sexuality and Gender in Persona 4

Free shipping. Persona 4 Kanji x Naoto Doujinshi produced by Okitayuugekikan! Kanji loves hanging out with Naoto, but it’s not enough. He wants more – a whole lot more!

Persona 4, also known as Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4, is a role-playing video game As the game progresses, the group gains new members, including​: Kanji Tatsumi, a male delinquent who has a talent for The game’s North American release date was announced at the Anime Expo in Los Angeles, California.

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Sexual Diversity – How a Queer Character Made Persona 4 Great – Extra Credits