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On Dec. Anti-Citizenship Amendment Act protests have rocked the country for weeks, with tens of thousands of Indians taking to the streets. At historically Muslim universities, and in the state of Uttar Pradesh, protesters have faced a violent crackdown. At least 23 people have died since the protests began. A trial run of the exercise already took place in Assam last year and put nearly 2 million people at risk of losing their citizenship. Many residents in Assam, due to displacement and poverty were unable to provide the documents required by the NRC to prove their citizenship dating back 50 years. Critics have expressed concern that the Citizenship Amendment Act would provide an avenue for non-Muslims who cannot prove their citizenship to qualify for the NRC and remain in India, while leaving Muslims at risk. Construction is already underway and a Minister of State for Home Affairs has said all states have been directed to build detention centers. Critics fear that these detention centers may eventually primarily be used to house Muslims.

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Political differences and ideological clashes will not come in the way of dating and sex among the young and hep Indians. According to a survey conducted by the US-based dating app OK Cupid, most men do not mind ideological differences with their female counterparts while dating. Interestingly, a large number of ‘can’t say’ and ‘don’t knows’ leave the split wide open. At least 24 per cent men and 18 per cent of women said they can’t say if they want to date if the counterpart has a counter view.

The OK Cupid survey has shown that women are more serious about their political opinions when compared to men. Both men and women in overwhelmingly large numbers have clearly said that they do not like to discuss politics while they are with their lovers. No politics during dating, dining and in the bed rooms, says the survey. They said they give importance to good sex rather than politics. Interestingly, the data with regard to the Americans say that at least 60 percent of the millennials said that they would go on a date or love someone only when their political ideologies match.

Indians prefer “good sex” over partners’ opinions on CAA-NRC: Survey

Voting was also important to these year-olds, as was participating in protests. To gauge what Indian millennials and Gen Z-ers feel about the current political climate, and help them meet more like-minded people, the dating platform recently added three new questions about the ongoing protests against a national registry of citizens NRC and Citizenship Amendment Act CAA.

Several of the 35, respondents who answered the new questions were unsure of whether they supported the protests. Most men said they would date partners with an opposing view on the subject, but a higher share of women was concerned about political preferences.

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For Indian millennials, “good sex” far more important than partners’ views on CAA and NRC

A top government official said according to the amendments of the Citizenship Act, if one parent is an Indian and neither is an illegal immigrant, a person is considered an Indian citizen. However, this does not apply to Assam. However, a decision is yet to be taken on such acceptable documents. This is likely to include voter cards, passports, Aadhaar, licences, insurance papers, birth certificates, school leaving certificates, documents relating to land or home or other similar documents issued by government officials.

Such a list is likely to include a lot of common documents to ensure that no Indian citizen is unduly harassed or put to inconvenience.

The NRC Takes on Data Mining, Behavioral Surveillance, and Privacy. Abstract: In mid , The Wall Street Journal Date of Publication: 03 February

The clarification over the Assam center came after much controversy over the massive, under-construction detention center in Goalpora near Guwahati in Assam, with opposition parties alleging that it is for housing people detected under the National Register of Citizens scheme, and the government denying that NRC detentions centers are being set up.

The reply from the Home Ministry indicates that the camp is likely to be used to detain foreigners detected under NRC, but may also be used for detaining other prisoners. Interestingly, the home ministry today clarified — in response to a different question — that no decision has been taken to conduct a nation-wide NRC. NRC was originally carried out in Assam in to prepare a list of persons who were residents of the province at the time.

Later, the government agreed to include all migrants to the state before a cut-off date in into the NRC. Those who came to escape the war in Bangladesh after the cut-off date were to be sent back to Bangladesh. This led to massive fears among people — particularly those who were not from landed classes — as other states did not have NRC dating back to like in Assam. In response, the official spokesperson of the Home Ministry was forced to issue a clarification denying such rumors.

These steps, listed below, will be in…. Center refuses to intervene in blocking of Andhra news channels Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar today refused to intervene in the alleged blocking of news channels critical of the…. Kerala CM calls center’s airlifting plan risky Pinarayi warned of high onboard infection rates if passengers are not tested Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan today termed as…. Center waives need for prior approval in Essential Commodities Act Ration outlets are playing an important part in ensuring supply of grains The central government has temporarily waived the need….

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After the NRC ended, citizens would be given unique cards, the official said. March 24, was the cut-off date for Assam’s NRC conducted.

We need to heal from the traumas which have been inflicted upon us. Now we need schools and hospitals, not detention centres. Amidst the plethora of happenings — protests, repression, violence, disinformation, propaganda, chaos and confusion — following is the guide to the most essential that we all need to know and understand in simple and lucid words:. To do this the stateless Hindus have to furnish fresh declarations which will contradict their earlier NRC statements.

CAA stipulates that Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Christians, Parsis and Sikh immigrants from 3 Muslim-majority neighbouring countries namely Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh will be granted citizenship if they had arrived in India prior to Persecuted Muslims — of various sects — have been left out of CAA along with the persecuted people of all religions — including Hindus — from the non-Muslim-majority countries from the neighbourhood.

This new exclusionary principle to grant citizenship based upon religion violates the Constitution and its several articles — as argued by several legal experts — and the matter has now proceeded to the Supreme Court. Assam and the other North Eastern states are against CAA because it provides the opportunity for more Bengali speaking Hindu immigrants from Bangladesh to settle in the region.

New immigrants can potentially claim to have arrived before and obtain citizenship. Widespread protests got ignited in Assam and elsewhere in the North East which required para-military forces and the army to be brought in amidst violence, curfews and internet shutdowns. People are still locked in their homes with no internet; hostels have been cleared out of students; businesses which depend on online platforms are paralysed; ethno-nationalist protests continue; army is on patrol.

Within all this, comes the other — much bigger and more inflammable — issue of nationwide NRC that might also include a fresh NRC for Assam. The existing NRC — after 4 years of pain, financial drainage and pandemonium — might be scrapped and the trauma might start all-over again from the very beginning. Such is the state of affairs: citizens are the playthings of the state and the pawns on the political chessboard; they can be toyed around endlessly without any sense of respect, concern, justice and humanity.

The NRC dating service?

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Jump to navigation. Many are coming out for non-violent protests against the acts and finding ways to give their messages in a way that would stand out and make an impact. A couple in Kerala has also done the same. G L Arun Gopi and Asha Sekhar, who are all set to get married on January 21, , recently had their save the date pre-wedding shoot. Nowadays, every couple has a pre-wedding shoot, but this one especially stood out because their pictures have a message regarding the ongoing protests in the country.

The couple made the protest a part of their pre-wedding shoot and the fierce expression on both their faces says it all. According to the Citizenship Amendment Act, non-Muslim refugees, who came to India before December 31, , to escape religious persecution in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan will be granted Indian citizenship. Photo: First look photography. Read our comprehensive guide with information on how the virus spreads, precautions and symptoms , watch an expert debunk myths , and access our dedicated coronavirus page.

Caring for Our Children

Amid raging protests over the Citizenship Amendment Act and prospective National Register of Citizens NRC , the government on Friday said Indian citizens do not have to prove any ancestry by presenting documents of parents or grandparents dating back to the pre situation. The controversial law promises citizenship to “illegal immigrants” belonging to minority communities from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh who fled religious persecution in the three countries.

The amended citizenship law leaves out Muslim refugees for expedited citizenship who have been in India before December 31, The government has argued that the controversial new law does not apply to Indian citizens and thus they are unaffected by it.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission, protecting people and the environment.

I have a degree in nuclear engineering and work at NRC. Wow, what a sense of humor this guy has. What would make me laugh even harder would involve circulating a petition to have this buffoon fired. What kind of human capital management officer says stupid things like this to the press? Rule 1 in HR should be not to stereotype people. I think this is cool and all, but history is full of examples of geeky guys getting gorgeous women.

Still, a very ingenious recruiting technique.

Citizenship Law in India, a Populist Polarization?

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due to displacement and poverty were unable to provide the documents required by the NRC to prove their citizenship dating back 50 years.

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